Meet our team

Sarah Ramsey

CEO, Founder

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Sarah founded Kimedics in March 2018. Prior to Kimedics, she worked at leading physician management companies (Cogent Healthcare and Sound Physicians) with leadership roles in Operations, Finance, and IT analytics. At Kimedics, Sarah focuses on driving the company vision and customer success. 

Michael Blinchevsky


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Michael brings over 30 years of software development and project management experience to the team. He has worked on products across multiple industries. He leads the teams responsible for building our product vision, and ensuring Kimedics is fast and reliable for our customers.

Claire Tuna

Design Lead

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Claire leads design at Kimedics. Before joining Kimedics, she worked in consumer mobile and interactive hardware. Claire specializes in User Research and UX Design, and has experience establishing design thinking practices at emerging startups. 

Sean Suttles

Director of Sales

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Sean leads go-to-market strategy as well as creating channel partnerships. He has over 20 years of experience working in healthcare, most recently on staffing, telemedicine and workforce management. 

Why we built Kimedics

Scheduling in healthcare is resource-consuming

Managing scheduling today is time consuming, expensive, and involves a lot of manual work. We wanted to build a product to get people away from manual and tedious tasks and back to their most important work.

Operators and schedulers need better tools

Operators need better tools to manage to budgets, KPIs, and other performance initiatives.  Our solution gives the full picture of physician labor costs and metrics they need to make decisions and optimize performance. 

Our mission

To help people do their highest value work.

Collaborative Scheduling Platform for Healthcare

The smartest way for healthcare organizations to schedule collaboratively with providers and partners. Manage scheduling operations better with our workflows, task assignment, and analytics. 


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