Utilization Management Platform

We can help you simplify healthcare staffing complexity.

Use Kimedics to build your optimal schedule with full-time team members, part-timers, independent contractors, locum tenens and other staffing organizations.  With one consolidated view of your staffing operations, Kimedics gives you the visibility to manage and improve performance quickly and easily. 

How can utilization management help you?

Hospitals, health systems and provider groups

Staffing agencies, MSPs and freelance marketplaces.

Physicians, NPs, PAs, CRNAs, and more

Scheduling Capabilities

Staffing Models

Set up a staffing model so you don't have to enter shifts day-by-day. As shifts are filled, Kimedics tracks which ones remain open.

Share Open Shifts

Send unassigned shifts directly to providers or agencies so they can submit their availability or even claim open shifts.

View Availability

You can see all provider availability on your calendar and compare rates across providers as you assign shifts.

Stay Synced

Shifts booked via Kimedics can be set up to automatically sync with your scheduler or VMS.


Do you have a scheduler already in place or another technology? Integrate these in Kimedics so you can view all of your permanent and temporary providers in one place.

Built-In Business Intelligence

Identify opportunities and risks to make informed decisions.

Use Kimedics for accurate projections  updated as work/schedules get done. Our analytics are designed to point out trends, outliers and comparisons to easily highlight areas of concern or opportunity.

Keep your teams organized and priorities aligned.

Assign tasks and see to-do lists across our work-spaces. These are scheduling, hiring, privileging  and rate/time-sheet approvals. Kimedics gives your team a shared place to keep everyone updated and engaged.

Other features to make your life easier

Notify your network of providers and staffing organizations when you need additional clinicians

Share job posts with your network when you need extra staff in 3 clicks. Kimedics allows you to track applications and privileges with time-saving features like digital privileging forms & electronic signature. Every provider can claim their profile and directly apply to jobs. 

Track providers quickly through selection and privileging 

Evaluate providers interested in job posts in your network or submitted by staffing organizations. Quickly select who is the best fit and move them through the your process. We can help you track privileging meetings and let you know which providers are at risk of missing start dates based on each facility's privileging checklist and meeting dates.

Automated Confirmations

(if you need them)

Build confirmations automatically as shifts are scheduled. With one shared version of the confirmation, everyone is on the same page as shifts are added, cancelled and approved.

Kimedics predicts your costs based on scheduled shifts and provider rates. 

Every provider has a profile in our platform for tracking basic credential information, schedules and rates by practice. Rate increases can be scheduled in the future so you can have accurate projections based on contract terms. 

Mobile Time Tracking

Providers can clock in real-time using their mobile app or log it later. As providers (or managers) submit time for approval, Kimedics highlights unexpected submissions like overtime, unscheduled shifts, and extra call ins or call. 

Built for large organizations

Is your organization aligned by region or specialty? In our system you can create custom groups for your teams to make scheduling and analysis easier. 

Collaborative Scheduling Platform for Healthcare

The smartest way for healthcare organizations to schedule collaboratively with providers and partners. Manage scheduling operations better with our workflows, task assignment, and analytics. 


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