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What makes us different


Providers are always on the go, which is why we built a user friendly mobile app for providers to access schedules, claim shifts, share availability, and more. As operators are often on the go as well, we are releasing a manager mobile app in Q4 of 2020. 

Built for Healthcare

Our software was designed by healthcare professionals and was built specifically to address the nuances of the healthcare workforce specifically within shift-based specialities. 

Transparency at Scale

Our customers typically create Kimedics accounts for schedulers, for recruiters, for credentialers, for operators, for accountants, for medical directors, and of course, for providers. We offer an unlimited number of users for our customers at no additional cost. 

Vendor Friendly

Medical groups with vendors (staffing agencies, billing partners, revenue cycle partners, credentialing partners, etc.) can invite partners to join the platform to streamline processes. Groups are able to set permissions for partners so they only access information pertaining to their responsibilities. 

Real-Time Data

Kimedics provides each team member with relevant real-time information-from schedule changes to expiring credentials, from rate variations to provider availability- we keep your team and crucial data connected and all in one place. Say goodbye to static spreadsheets and paper calendars!

Advanced Analytics

Analyze operations at any level and project spend instantly with our analytics tools. Kimedics allows for analysis at granular levels such as rate differentials by site, facility performance, shift mix by practice, and vendor performance.

The solution to your workforce challenges


Flexibility like never before 

How do you react to volume swings? Flexing to patient volumes is no longer an optional business strategy. Our tools intelligently deploy staff where you need it, when you need it.

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Cost savings

Cost saving

We have built in tools to help you manage your most important financial drivers: productivity, premium labor spend, over-time and ancillary cost as well as major returns on team efficiency (3x).

Team efficiency

Team efficiency

Automate some of the most time consuming tasks related to medical group management including payroll calculations, schedule filling, roster management and credential tasks.

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Financial health management

Financial health management

Projecting your financial performance is critical. Our real-time analytics can help you understand variances and opportunities for savings.



"The main reason I would recommend Kimedics is because it's basically a home base for everything a medical group would need."

— Admin 100+ physician group


“I can rest easy knowing that we are not missing credentials that are expiring and I love the fact that we can run payroll so easily."

— COO Hospitalist, CCM/HM group


“The team is extremely responsive. Even for minor issues they are helpful and respond as if it is a top priority item."

— Coordinator, 100+ practice


"I love that I can search for a provider and find them in the NPI database to submit them. It pulls in crucial information for us and makes it easy to start building their profile."

— Recruiter, Staffing Agency


“I work across 5-10 different VMS platforms. This is the most productive scheduling system I have seen for collaborating with clients."

— Workforce Manager, top 5 staffing agency


“I love the notifications. I know with texts I am never going to miss claiming shifts as quickly as possible.”

— Recruiter, Staffing Agency