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Why we built Kimedics

Our mission

Empowering physician-led organizations to run more efficiently and effectively than ever.

Our vision

To be the leader in physician workforce management by radically streamlining collaboration between healthcare organizations and clinicians. 

Operators and schedulers need better tools

Operators need better tools to manage to budgets, KPIs, and other performance initiatives.  Our solution gives the full picture of physician labor costs and metrics they need to make decisions and optimize performance. 

Meet our leadership team

Sarah Ramsey

CEO, Founder

Sarah founded Kimedics in March 2018. Prior to Kimedics, she worked at leading physician management companies (Cogent Healthcare and Sound Physicians) with leadership roles in Operations, Finance, and IT analytics. At Kimedics, Sarah focuses on driving the company vision and customer success. 

Bill Barksdale


Bill pulls technical experience in a wide variety of industries and company sizes. He founded a success SaaS web conferencing platform and grew that to exit. Bill is responsible for the technology innovation and strategy at Kimedics.

Sean Suttles


Sean leads go-to-market strategy as well as creating channel partnerships. He has over 20 years of experience working in healthcare, most recently on staffing, telemedicine and workforce management.