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Roster Management

Scheduling Status

Class (W2, 1099, Locum)

Rates by location


Privileging Statuses

One list tracking privileging and onboarding checklists, rates, and classifications (W2, 1099, external locum) of your providers across different locations is crucial. We can even track managing organization for groups using locum agencies or other medical groups to filter and and report on.



Time and Shift Confirmations and


Roster data is connected automatically to the scheduler so you know when providers are ready to be scheduled and their rates. Schedule and shift information flows directly to the provider who worked the shift to add deviations and confirm the schedule is correct via mobile app.

Clinical Pay Automation


Actual vs. Scheduled


With shifts, rates and deviations in one place – and with your providers validating the schedule - you can instantly calculate accurate pay/bill amounts as well as forecast.

Branded Provider Portal
and Smart Forms

One profile

Document storage

E-sign/auto filling forms

Set up a branded provider portal and mobile app experience for your providers. With one provider profile we can map every form that needs filled so you never have to mail or start a form from scratch.

Access to Temporary
Labor and MSP services


Client/Agency Collab


Internal Float Pool

MSP Services

As groups grow, locums (traveling doctors) and float providers are often necessary. Invite any group or provider you work with, choose their access and permissions and start sharing jobs or shifts for them to claim.

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