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We Help Staffing Organizations:

Fill jobs 

Broadcast available positions and submit qualified candidates directly to clients through our platform

Manage clinicians

Efficiently coordinate clinician availability and schedule shifts to maximize workforce utilization

Automate Pay

Automate time tracking and payment processes to ensure clinicians are compensated accurately

Automate invoicing

Eliminate manual invoice creation through automated client billing integrated with time and attendance data


Access real-time workforce analytics and insights to continuously optimize staffing processes

Improve profitability

Increase shift fulfillment rates while reducing overhead costs through automated, streamlined operations

Save Time

Expedite onboarding, credentialing, scheduling, and client/staff management by eliminating manual tasks and spreadsheets


Nurture transparent partnerships through seamless schedule sharing, assignment management, and payment collaboration with clients and clinicians

Improve clinician satisfaction

Provide intuitive self-service for schedules, job opportunities, payments, and administrative tasks to drive satisfaction

Minimize errors

Maintain accurate, up-to-date clinician schedules, payroll records, credentials, and workforce information

Improve workforce productivity

Streamline clinician onboarding, credentialing, and ongoing monitoring. You’ll also reduce time spent dealing with errors as well as various administrative tasks

Drive operational efficiency

Focus staffing resources on high-value activities by automating onboarding, credentialing monitoring, and other administrative tasks

Use Cases

Clinician Portal

Engagement like never before. Make it easy on your teams to know when they are working, tasks they have to complete, collaborate on scheduling and track payments and engagement like never before. Make it easy on your teams to know when they are working, tasks they have to complete, collaborate on scheduling and track payments.

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Sub-Vendor Portal (VMS Alternative)

Save time managing external coverage when you need it to fill openings to easily post a need, review presentations, fill open shifts, and track rates, spend and invoicing across all of your vendors.

Client Portal

Become a strategic partner to your clients giving line of site into clinician rosters, schedules, timesheets and invoices.

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Back Office/Accounting

Manage your rates, pay and invoice calculation automation to be ready to feed your accounting tools.

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Strategic Staffing/Float Pool Management

Use our healthcare workforce app to get line of site into your organization as a whole to make strategic float pools, cross credentialing coverage, flex staffing and more.


The power of a scheduler connecting your front end recruiting and onboarding process with your accounting ecosystem for efficient and accurate payments.

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Our technology built for managing all of your healthcare organization's relationships and interactions between your workforce, your care locations and your partners (clients and vendors). In healthcare, you need to be able to see your workforce's relationship to your care locations, scheduling rosters, states for state licensure, privileges by facility, payors and organization's they are associated with (clients or vendors). Our solution gives you line of sight and flexibility into all aspects of your operations across the full life cycle from onboarding to payment.

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Task Management and Collaboration

For operators, having the visibility you need to manage your practices and rosters can feel overwhelming. Without a centralized collaboration tool, we hear many teams relying on standing phone calls, spreadsheets and constant “where are we” email updates to try and piece together the data they need to get clinicians hired, scheduled and paid. Staying organized across your team’s critical task management workflows like credentialing, expirations, state licenses, privileges and overall onboarding is no small undertaking. Kimedics collaboration workflows allow you to build in your collaboration hand offs between teams (status flows), set up templated checklists, and create flags and warnings to help highlight where you could have an issue proactively. Get instant line of sight into your team’s tasks at the status level down to the individual checklist items to ensure your team hits their goals.

Key Features You Might Enjoy:

  • Client portal for managing jobs, assignments, schedules/confirmations, time and invoicing
  • Clinician portal for tracking jobs, assignments, schedule and time and pay
  • Unified database of clinician and staff credentials and availability with roster (assignment level) tracking
  • Job post dispatching to clinicians and partners tracked by client
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Detailed rate management
  • Time tracking/approvals and compensation management
  • Automated pay statements and invoicing
  • Sub-vendor and partner management (VMS alternative)
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Mobile apps
  • Integrations

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