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Case Studies & Articles

Learn more about Kimedics through our customer case studies and insight articles.

Boost shift scheduling capacity

Learn how Kimedics helped a 200+ physician group scheduler 3x scheduling capacity.

Reduce payroll corrections

Learn how Kimedics helped a medical group financial analyst save time and reduce errors.

Fill shifts faster with open shift dispatching

Learn how Kimedics helped a medical group fill schedule gaps through our open shift dispatching capabilities.

Reduce premium labor spend

Learn how Kimedics helped a 100+ physician group reduce premium labor spend by 20%. 

Decrease privileging waste 

Learn how Kimedics can reduce uncessary privileging.

Save time with digital pre-filled forms

Learn how our prefilled forms help  eliminate redundancies in the provider onboarding process. 

Identify high and low performers

Learn how one provider group leveraged our shift analysis and forecasting tools to identify red flags in the workforce. 

Provider satisfaction indicators

How does your workforce management strategy affect provider satisfaction? Read about 4 ways to enhance the provider experience.

3 Best Practices in Collaborative Workforce Management

Learn how Kimedics customers are collaborating across the healthcare ecosystem to strengthen workforce operations. 

 Learn more about our customer success stories and insights.

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