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Manage internal & external providers in one place

85% of healthcare facilities use contingent labor to fill scheduling gaps, yet current technology systems were not designed for vendor collaboration.

With Kimedics, healthcare organizations can select staffing partners to invite as platform users to manage temporary labor needs. 

The Kimedics workforce management software and mobile app is the home base for medical group managers, staffing partners, and healthcare providers. 

Save time.

Control costs.

Make shifts happen. 

20 +



700 +



15 + 

Staffing Agency Partners

25  +


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Fill shifts

internally first

Access real-time provider information (credentials, privileges, location rates, limits, preferences etc.)

 to fill shifts internally.


Fill schedule gaps quickly with temporary providers

Pre-populate documents, send job orders to vendor partners, share open shifts, ​track status of claimed shifts, approvals, and forecast premium costs.

Team Building

Spend less time managing vendors

Strengthen communication between clinical teams, non-clinical teams, and vendors with our admin and mobile provider app.

Finance Chart

Hit your budget

Forecast costs generated by your internal and external provider mix. Gain insights on productivity and agency performance. 

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