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Kimedics works with
medical groups,
hospitals and health systems to centralize & optimize workforce operations.  

Hospital Staff

Organizations of any size

Whether you employ 50 physicians or 5000 physicians, clinical workforce management is far too complex for paper calendars and legacy systems that require redundant processes. Kimedics was designed to digitize & automate your team's most time-consuming tasks.

Medical Groups

Hospitals & Health Systems

Speciality Departments

Shift Scheduling Software

Our physician scheduler, built specifically for healthcare staffing nuances, makes it easy to build schedules, share open shifts and publish accurate up to date schedules with your providers and vendor partners.

Pay Automation

With shift schedules, provider rates and deviations all in one place – and with your providers validating time and attendance - you can instantly calculate accurate pay/bill amounts and build smarter forecasts.



Build and manage provider rosters with real-time access to provider profiles, including credentialing statuses, privileges, rates by location, classifications, presentations, directory information and more.


Healthcare organizations can invite their MSPs , staffing partners and other vendors to use Kimedics as a Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage job orders, candidate submissions, shift confirmations and invoicing.


Mobile App

Our mobile app for providers gives physicians easy, on-the-go access to real-time schedules, provider directories and team schedules across multiple practices. Providers can submit availability, claim open shifts, and submit time and attendance confirmations to make everyone's lives easier. 

Analytics & Reporting

Leverage real-time insights to better optimize your business with our built in reporting and analytics dashboards. With candidate life cycles and scheduling in one place it is easy to identify opportunities.

Specialities we serve

Designed for shift-based specialties, Kimedics helps healthcare organizations fill shifts faster, control costs, and strengthen clinical & non-clinical relations. 

Emergency Medicine




Internal Medicine

Critical Care




Urgent Care


COVID Field Hospitals

Learn more about other specialities we serve 

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