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Posted by Sarah Ramsey

  • Oct 7, 2021

Giving Your Physicians the Right Tools Improves Engagement: Collaboration and Connectivity


Staffing challenges post-pandemic are driven by a number of factors, but one of the most significant is turnover due to burnout. And diving deeper, a primary driver for burnout is isolation. How is your team ensuring that your clinicians feel a sense of community with your practice?Today’s hospitals and medical practices can promote a sense of collaboration between their physicians, administrators, and staff through the help of technology. Without the help of technology, even the process of scheduling physicians can become chaotic and disjointed, requiring multiple emails from multiple people and many delays, leaving physicians even more frustrated. Hospital administrators and medical directors also have little time for what is called “incremental communication,” taking care of little issues that may arise throughout the day that makes the operations of the organization run much more smoothly. Despite that it can get put on the back burner, collaboration and connectivity are integral to a thriving healthcare organization that keeps physicians engaged.


The Kimedics mobile app can help foster collaboration and connectivity for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Kimedics’ simple and user-friendly app brings together many of the collaborative tasks that physicians need to carry out on a day-to-day basis, allowing them to easily connect with the right people in the organization to get them done. It’s a single source of truth for the organization’s most pertinent information and a hub that connects employees wherever they may be at any given moment. Whether it’s facilitating collaboration with a scheduler, medical director, or other physicians, the Kimedics app helps create a sense of community for the medical group while reducing the stress of administrative tasks.
Feedback from clinicians: 
“The app is very easy to use. My schedule is right at my fingertips all the time which makes scheduling other parts of my life easier.”  
Regional Medical Director- Emergency Department

Key features include:


Open shifts – Physicians can see a calendar with open shifts and easily request to be scheduled at the facility. They can select preferred days in the system to get notified of available shifts on the most optimal days.


Shared schedules – Physicians can share their availability with hospitals/medical groups to help them obtain a bird’s eye view of their availability.


Transfers – Physicians can assign a shift to another provider and the physician at the other end can accept it, eliminating the need to make multiple calls or send multiple emails.


Profile – Physicians can keep their information and documents (which can include credentials, licenses, and privileges) in one place and easily share it with others.


Claim a shift – It’s easy to sign up for an open shift at a specific location with the click of a button.


Swap a shift – View other physicians’ schedules and communicate with them quickly to make a request to swap a shift.


Start a shift – Using this GPS-enabled feature, physicians can notify the medical group or hospital when they have started a shift with the click of a button.


PTO – Physicians can easily set days they need off and which days they prefer by


Time/Attendance – Time reporting is automatically populated from the schedule so all the provider has to do is approve or make any needed changes


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