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Posted by Sean Suttles

  • Jun 13, 2024

Key Take-Aways from 2024 MGMA Operations Conference

MGMA Focus Conference-1

After attending this year’s MGMA Operations conference, there were some important takeaways from the sessions and meetings. Here are some key topics Ops leaders, Directors, VPs, and COOs were focused on:

  1. Data Overload vs. Data Focus: While healthcare has access to vast amounts of data, determining which data to prioritize remains challenging. The high volume often makes it difficult to focus on the data that solves specific challenges.
  2. Workflows Matter: Creating, defining, and tracking tasks through efficient workflows is essential. Many operators emphasized the importance of workflows for all clinical staff, from physicians to Medical Assistants. Streamlined workflows across operations and staff can significantly reduce inefficiencies and errors.
  3. Labor Management: Overall, clinician retention remains a hot topic. At the local level, administrators often are responsible for all staff types, from MAs to physicians; retention is important no matter who they are. However, different staff types are not always managed within the same system, leading to fragmented data and inefficiencies.
  4. Challenges in Accessing Analytics: Consistently capturing timely analytics is a common struggle. Attendees expressed a need for better tools to capture billing revenue, staffing costs, and retention strategies. Predictive labor cost projections and easy-access dashboards were particularly appealing to leadership roles like VPs and COOs.
  5. Spread sheets are still a major management tool: Even the large health systems are relying on spreadsheets for roster management around on-boarding, active roster lists and more. The industry is still not fully aware of roster management products that can be shared across teams and optimized out of spread sheets.


When administrators were asked “What is your biggest challenge?

  • Staffing, staffing staffing…..Staffing levels, models, tools and cost management
  • Room optimization
  • Physician shortages
  • Staff retention
  • Competitive technologies
  • Multiple software systems
  • Reimbursements and denials
  • Data analytics
  • Patient access
  • Referral processing


MGMA offers a wealth of data resources and tools to help analyze practices, covering reimbursements, productivity, staffing levels, retention, and more.


At Kimedics, we're committed to helping healthcare optimize staffing operations for better patient care. Our technology unites staff information, enabling efficient management of staff, schedules, pay, and analytics in a single platform. We look forward to using these insights to better serve our clients and improve healthcare operations.

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