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Posted by Sarah Ramsey

  • Aug 1, 2023

The Transformation of Kimedics Through its New Logo

As we turn the page to a new chapter at Kimedics, we're excited to share with you an innovation that encapsulates our evolution. 

With our Kimedics 2.0 release on the horizon, we're launching a fresh and reinvigorated logo. This redesigned emblem represents our commitment to technology, modernity, and an undivided focus on collaboration, workflow optimization, and helping our customers expedite their tasks.


Our logo is not merely a design but a visual representation of our principles and ethos. The name Kimedics, a fusion of 'Kinetic' and 'medical', embodies the kinetic energy inherent in our solutions, designed to break healthcare's inertia and set processes in motion.

[new logo image]

  • The most striking feature of our new logo is the symbol of energy that drives our commitment to perpetual motion keeping processes moving forward, ceaseless innovation, and relentless delivery.

  • The logo's centerpiece, the 'K', epitomizes Kimedics' role as the nucleus of all departmental workflows, fostering interconnectivity and collaboration.

  • 'K', universally symbolic of kinetic energy and knowledge, reaffirms our dedication to keep things moving forward and providing you with information in real-time to help drive decision making.

Our emblem is also a homage to our three pillars of collaboration, represented by the three distinct colors. Each color signifies the unique facets of collaboration: internal organization collaboration, cross-organization collaboration, and clinical staff collaboration. We recognize that it takes a diverse team of professionals across multiple organizations to deliver excellent patient care. Through our interconnected solutions, we facilitate this harmony, effectively transforming healthcare's discordant orchestra into a symphony.




At Kimedics, we pride ourselves on streamlining the 'req to check' cycle in healthcare management. We are the only physician-focused, vertical workforce SaaS to automate, track, connect, and analyze this pivotal cycle. This unique service, reflected in our new logo, emphasizes the importance of getting things done collaboratively, using connected workflows, automation, and data analytics.


Our logo is a clear signal to our key users - healthcare organizations, medical groups, staffing agencies, and Workforce Solutions - that we remain steadfast in solving their operational challenges. Whether ensuring shifts are filled, optimizing networks, or facilitating accurate payments, our technology is designed to make the complex simple.


The launch of our new logo also serves as an acknowledgment of the struggles faced by our users, and our relentless dedication to addressing them. We understand the critical importance of optimizing your workforce to ensure optimal patient care and operational efficiency. Our solutions are designed to eliminate unnecessary third-party costs and create a single, dependable source of truth.


This redesign signifies much more than a change in aesthetics. It stands as a testament to our vision of a more collaborative, efficient, and innovative healthcare sector. As we gear up for the launch of Kimedics 2.0, we carry forward our unwavering commitment to our customers and our resolute focus on improving workflows and expediting tasks.

Let’s reaffirm, with Kimedics, you're not merely investing in a product. You're partnering with a brand committed to driving progress, & fostering innovation.