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Posted by Sarah Ramsey

  • Nov 10, 2020

Why Mobile Matters

Why Mobile Matters in Physician Staffing

Physicians are always on the go, and physicians who work within shift-based specialties are typically not spending their off-time at a desktop. For physician schedulers, operators and staffing agency managers, it is critical to communicate with physicians on a regular basis, especially when schedules are changed or if they need help filling a last minute shift. Staffing through COVID-19 has presented even more challenges for schedulers and providers as surges must be addressed and effectively communicated in real-time


Today, many medical groups, health systems and staffing agencies are still using text, email and PDFs to communicate with physicians and visa versa. Oftentimes this method of communication can lead to low engagement, outdated / inaccurate schedules and dissatisfied teams.


Provider Mobility


When Kimedics launched its workforce management platform in 2018, it launched with provider mobility at top of mind. Since launching Kimedics, healthcare organization customers have seen a 90% engagement rate with providers.


Today, providers currently utilize the Kimedics Provider App to access real-time schedules, share availability, claim open shifts, receive upcoming shift notifications, submit time and attendance all within a simple, user-friendly app.


“Providers are able to access more up to date information via Kimedics, reducing the amount of back and forth emails between providers and operators.”


-Director of Operations at a medical group with 300+ providers.


Manager Mobility


Over the past 2 years, Kimedics customers have communicated the need for managers to have access to the platform via mobile as well. Regional Medical Directors who are often involved in the scheduling process across multiple facilities need mobile access to roster information, schedules, statuses and more. Schedulers need mobile access in case edits need to occur instantly, and subsequently need to be published and shared with providers in real-time.


As healthcare operators aim to streamline workflows and scheduling processes, they also require mobile tools to make sure that their teams are in the right place at the right time. For these reasons, Kimedics is excited to announce the soon to be released Manager Mobile App. Through the application, managers will be able to boost scheduling convenience and capacity from their fingertips.


Stay tuned for the official release of the App! If you would like a demo of the manager mobile app, please contact us at


For more information about the Kimedics Workforce Management Platform & Physician Schedulers, please contact us to set up an introductory call.


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