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Posted by Sarah Ramsey

  • Mar 6, 2024

The Best Workforce Relationship Management Software You Need to Consider

Kimedics workforce relationship management software (WRM) is a purpose-built, healthcare-specific platform that helps medical groups, hospitals, staffing agencies, and other healthcare organizations manage the entire lifecycle of their clinical workforce.

At its core, WRM software serves as a central database to store, track and share provider information across the healthcare ecosystem. This includes robust provider profiling with credentialing details, dynamic scheduling coordination across facilities and entities, automated pay and bill calculations, and real-time analytics on workforce KPIs.


Our software connects the clinical workforce with back-office teams and frontline managers through omnichannel accessibility including desktop logins, mobile apps, and open APIs.


Below we’ll explore why healthcare organizations just like yours need Kimedics healthcare workforce management software to improve and streamline your workflows.


Comprehensive Relationship Management

A key benefit of Kimedics's healthcare workforce management software is that it delivers 360-degree relationship management capabilities tailored for the industry’s complexity. This allows streamlined collaboration across providers, staffing partners, health systems, and internal teams.


Centralized Provider Database

The foundation of our WRM is that it’s a master provider database capturing multidimensional profiles including licenses, credentials, affiliations, schedule patterns, compensation details, and performance metrics. New profiles can be created or integrated in batches with automated data feeds. Robust search and filters enable accelerated candidate identification and submissions. We also follow best practice with our NPI database integration to ensure the duplicates do not pervade the system due to how common it is for clinicians to work across multiple locations.


Automated Credentialing and Onboarding

Configurable smart forms, credential tracking, and built-in identity checks shepherd new starts through onboarding seamlessly. Task assignments, document collection, license verification, and privilege granting can be automated via rule-based workflows with conditional logic. This reduces the administrative burden and allows you to build the workflows custom to each organization’s process.


Omnichannel Provider Access

Once onboarded, providers can access personal schedules, messaging, documents, shifts bidding, and notifications via the web or mobile apps. Managers also gain omnichannel visibility into roster activities like compliance, utilization, pending tasks and queries. This simplifies workforce-organization coordination.


Thanks to centralizing data and spanning platforms, Kimedics delivers unprecedented workforce relationship visibility to raise healthcare collaboration to new levels.


Intelligent Scheduling OptimizationIntelligent-Scheduling-Optimization-Internal-Image-13-Feb-2024

Our WRM software allows healthcare groups to revolutionize scheduling through real-time coordination, forecasting models, and optimization algorithms. Kimedics enables robust workforce planning for optimal coverage.


Real-time Shift Visibility and Fill Rates

The scheduling engine provides a centralized view of open shifts across locations which can be selectively shared with floating internal pools or external staffing partners based on credentials and qualifications. Bi-directional shift publishing boosts fill rates by enabling shift picking from available providers.


Cross-location Floating for Optimal Coverage

Smart matching logic ensures provider qualifications align with shift requirements through privileges, competencies, and licenses mapping. Cross-location shift assignments are automated based on availability. This floating optimization balances workload across resources.


Forecasting Models for Demand Planning

Historical supply-demand patterns coupled with census inputs feed predictive models to forecast staffing needs and identify gaps weeks or months in advance. Proactive planning enhances efficiency in filling or canceling future shifts.


With scheduling intelligence, Kimedics offers data-driven shift management to attain the right balance between provider access and operational control for healthcare groups. This is the future of digitally-powered healthcare workforce coordination.


Unified Workforce Analytics

Our software delivers centralized analytics and robust reporting spanning workforce, financials, productivity, and operational metrics. Let’s take a look at how we do this.


Custom Reporting and Tracking KPIs

Fully customizable reports provide real-time tracking of KPIs like contract utilization %, shift cancellation rates, employee turnover rates, hiring velocity, time-to-fill, labor cost per unit, and much more at organization, department, or provider levels.


Utilization and Productivity Analytics

Our system provides detailed insights into how frequently your providers are working, how many patients they are seeing, and how productive they are based on the number of patient visits or work they complete. You can break down the data to analyze different parts of their compensation.


Budget vs Actuals with Audit Trails

Cost analytics contrast budgeted vs actual spend while invoice drilldowns provide transparency over charges. All reporting includes audit trails back to raw data and user activities.


With our connected datasets and custom perspectives, executives and managers get actionable intelligence to optimize the healthcare workforce.


Systems and Payroll Integrations

To truly transform workflows, WRM software must interoperate with existing healthcare IT systems. Kimedics enables seamless integrations with the platforms you’re likely already using. Below are a few examples.


Connections with E-Signature Platforms

There are a lot of signatures that have to be added to various credentialing paperwork as well as onboarding paperwork. With our e-signature integration, you don’t have to worry about printing out all of this paper, getting a signature and then re-uploading it into your digital files. Everything can be sent seamlessly, digitally signed, and then sent back with a few clicks!


CRM Integration with Programs Like Salesforce

We recognize the importance of connecting our WRM with CRMs like Salesforce. With our CRM software integrations, your healthcare organization can organize, track, and manage all of your sales, marketing, customer service, and other interactions with patients. And, if you’re using a CRM other than Salesforce, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales representatives to see about how we can integrate with your software of choice!


Automated Pay Calculations with External Systems Like Statera

Verified hours integrate with payroll engines such as Statera to trigger automated pay calculations reflective of complex compensation plans involving incentives, deductions, and calculationsbenefit contributions. This eliminates manual errors prone in decoupled processes.


Credentialing, Scheduling and Accounting Integrations

We can integrate with other systems to bring them together into one central Kimedics Hub. Allowing you to unite your teams to collaborate and get clinicians deployed and paid.


Through pre-built connectors and flexibility around custom integration needs, Kimedics enables a truly connected healthcare IT ecosystem for productive clinical workforce and operations management.


How Does Kimedics Stack Up Against Other Healthcare Workforce Management Software Solutions?


Key Points

Ideal For

Features & Integrations

Why Purchase


- Workforce Relationship Management (WRM) platform for managing workforce, partners, operations 

- Connected end-to-end solution across onboarding, scheduling, pay, spend automation, forecasting/analytics 

- Provides visibility and collaboration between organizations and clinicians

- Healthcare organizations looking to improve efficiency and workforce management 

- Physician focused organizations

- CRM tailored for healthcare workforce management

- Built in provider, vendor (for VMS) and client portals for collaboration

- Scheduler with shift tracking

-Time and attendance 

- Automated pay, spend tracking 

- API integrations available 

- Analytics and forecasting

- Custom workflows, checklists and task tracking

- Improves efficiency through automation and tracking

- Enables collaboration through partner and provider portals 

- Integrated platform across key functions

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

- Purpose-built for healthcare staffing management 

- Handles per diem, travel, locum tenens, physician, nurse, and allied staffing 

- Built-in Joint Commission compliance features

- Healthcare staffing agencies and organizations 

- Companies needing per diem, travel, locum tenens and general healthcare staffing management

- Applicant tracking system 

- Tracking of dates (but no scheduler)

- Payroll and invoicing 

- Compliance features for Joint Commission 

- Integrations for job boards, evaluations

- Improves efficiency of healthcare staffing operations 

- Ensures compliance for Joint Commission audits

- Integrated solution for the full staffing lifecycle


- Leader in healthcare operations software and services

- Solutions for workforce management, provider data, compliance, quality, safety, contracts

- Large healthcare systems and hospitals 

- Organizations aiming to optimize healthcare operations and elevate patient care

- Range of modules for operational areas like workforce, provider data, compliance, etc. 

- Analytics for operational insights 

- Cloud-based delivery

- Connects and manages healthcare operations 

- Promotes efficiency and compliance 

- Engages staff and provides insights


AI-powered workforce management system 

- Part of larger Enterprise Management Cloud platform

- Emphasis on adaptability and rapid change

- Medium to large enterprises needing cloud-based HR, finance, and workforce management 

- Organizations aiming to modernize operations and increase agility

- Time, attendance, scheduling, absence modules 

- Worker-first interfaces 

- Analytics and insights 

- VNDLY integration for VMS

- Powerful analytics for decision-making 

- Adaptable system to support growth and change 

- Personalized worker experiences


- Leader in horizontal (industry agnostic) CRM

- Helps businesses keep track of customer interactions and sales data. It can manage leads, contacts, opportunities.

- Organizations with dev teams with Salesforce development expertise


- Partner App exchange for adding on and customizing your sales force

- Highly customizable

- Well known in the industry

- Need for marketing features


- Leader in healthcare scheduling software

- Acquired a number of companies in the last several years for add-on services
- Healthcare organizations with complex scheduling and  dedicated advanced schedulers who can utilize automations

- Robust scheduler

- Schedule automation (auto builder)

- Robust integrations with payroll platforms,  revenue cycle, clinical communication platforms, and EMR

- Only need scheduling capabilities

- Well known in the industry


Kimedics - the Best Choice on the Market

Kimedics stands out as the premier workforce relationship management (WRM) solution for healthcare organizations looking to transform workforce and operations management.


As the first software platform purpose-built specifically for managing the multifaceted relationships and workflows in healthcare, Kimedics delivers unprecedented value. It serves as a central hub to connect clinicians, staffing partners, health systems, and internal teams under a unified platform spanning the entire talent lifecycle.


Besides best-in-class capabilities, a key differentiator is Kimedics's healthcare-specific DNA. No other solution on the market offers the combination of deep clinical workforce understanding and tailored functionality for the unique needs of physician groups, hospitals, and staffing agencies.


By bridging solution gaps with an integrated approach, Kimedics paves the path for transformative workforce and expense optimization. This drives substantial efficiency gains, cost savings, and care delivery improvements - making it the top WRM choice for healthcare.


Save Time, Money, and Resources with Our PlatformSave-Time-Money-and-Resources-with-Our-Platform-Internal-Image-13-Feb-2024


Boost shift scheduling capacity

By implementing Kimedics's physician workforce management solution, a healthcare group boosted a lone coordinator's monthly scheduling capacity from 300 to 900 shifts—a dramatic 3x productivity increase. The platform streamlined complex staffing workflows such as shift claiming and visibility, enabling the large 200+ physician practice to efficiently grow with four additional affiliates while avoiding extra HR overhead. This demonstrates the solution's transformative ability to simplify workforce management and drive substantial cost savings.


Learn more about boosting shifting scheduling capacity.


Reduce premium labor spend

Through the connection of real-time physician roster data directly into the scheduling engine, a 100+ provider practice used the Kimedics platform to optimize internal shift filling before turning to expensive external locums. This increased visibility and control helped convert 10 locum shifts per month to internal providers, yielding a 20% annual reduction in premium labor spend. The customer quote and statistics demonstrate Kimedics's ability to generate substantial cost savings and efficiency gains for physician groups through improved workforce visibility and automation.


Learn more about reducing premium labor spend with Kimedics.


Reduce the number of payroll corrections in your organization

In a recent article, we shared that the average healthcare organization loses $78,700 annually from inaccurate payroll resulting from complex rate rules, scheduling changes, and fragmented systems tracking clinician time and compensation. However, by centralizing dynamic pay rates, automating calculations, integrating scheduling, enabling mobile submissions, and requiring approvals, solutions like Kimedics can significantly reduce costly errors. As one example, a 100+ physician group saved over 50 payroll analyst hours per month and slashed complexity by connecting credentials, working hours, and customized pay tiers to streamline payroll processing through automation.


Decrease privileging waste

Privileging waste refers to the inefficient duplicative credentialing of doctors, especially locums and part-timers, who ultimately are underutilized after being approved to practice at healthcare facilities. However, by centralizing data on active medical staff, coordinating workflows, tracking physician scheduling, automating expiration alerts, and sharing provider profiles across partner hospitals, organizations can optimize this process to reduce wasted effort and expenses. Purpose-built credentialing software like Kimedics facilitates visibility and coordination to systematically decrease unnecessary privileging through automation and analytics.


Learn more about decreasing privileging waste with Kimedics.


Kimedics is the Future of Connected Healthcare

Our unified approach delivers a common portal for healthcare executives and RosterOps teams to visualize and optimize their entire workforce. For managers, it enables transparency and control to strengthen staff oversight and alignment. Frontline providers benefit from omnichannel self-service and flexibility tailored to their needs.


A platform like Kimedics is indispensable for scalability, resilience, and innovation. It makes the vision of high-quality, affordable, and accessible care possible by transforming workforce operations.


With an ever-expanding industry-leading suite of workforce management modules, prebuilt interfaces with major healthcare IT systems, and an open API approach, Kimedics is committed to staying at the forefront of connected healthcare technology.


Ready to hop on board the connectivity train? Click here to schedule a demo so your healthcare organization can future-proof your ability to deliver superior patient care with confidence and consistency.

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